"PB Consulting are the best operators in Westminster".

Richard Deveraux Phillips, Association of British Healthcare Industries

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"PB Consulting go above and beyond. Their expertise is beyond question, but the service is so much more... in a small space of time we have achieved policy change and influence far beyond our expectations - almost more than we would even have hoped to image. PB Consulting's passion for and belief in our campaign is palpable".

Dr Ron Daniels BEM, UK Sepsis Trust

UK Sepsis Trust

"There is a real desire to partner and side with the client to achieve their objectives, not those of the agency".

Alan Murray, British Safety Industry Federation

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"PB Consulting has the knowledge, skills and relationships to make things happen".

Declan Dunphy, Cook Medical

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"PB Consulting are on our side: providing proactive support to drive our work forward. Words that come to mind are: enthusiasm, passion, knowledgeable about the area, a can do attitude drive, create, reliable, visionary, getting the job done".

College of Occupational Therapists

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"PB Consulting bring new ideas and experience".

Sandra Lawrence, Stryker

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"This is the best agency we have worked with because they get results. Innovative; responsive to client's needs; listen; efficient; do all this in a very open, logical and pleasant way".

Barbara Harpham, Medical Technology Group


"The team have a good understanding of how best to engage with our chosen stakeholders and are always willing to provide good ideas".

David Dawson, Bard


"Expertise in the Government affairs and healthcare environment".

Sharron Tansey, Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

"PB Consulting are part of the team and demonstrate their political knowledge and support on a regular basis".

Sue Farringdon Smith, Brain Tumour Research


"PB Consulting offer a good overall political consulting service - well connected politically".

Andy McLean, Ottobock