My time at PBC

Colchester Sixth Form student Ellie Burr writes…


This summer, I had the pleasure of doing work experience with PB consulting. I worked for four days, and learnt so much about lobbying, from the technical side of the Government Lobbying Registrar, to the daily tasks such as contacting CCG’s on the client’s behalf, or collecting data for research.

It was so interesting to see one of the careers you can go into with an interest in politics. After spending the week before in an MP’s office, seeing politics from a different perspective really interested me. As a Student studying A level politics, I could definitely see the clear relationships between Parliament and Lobbyists. No two days were the same, as PB Consulting deal with such a varied range of clients.

Every member of the team was so friendly and focused, and I chatted to most of them individually about what their job consisted of and why they enjoyed it. I really recommend work experience in public affairs and with PB consulting, as it gives you a real feel for the working world, what a real day in the office is like and has given me such a great opportunity to discover a future career linked to the subject I love the most.

The work experience has also really benefited my personal statement for universities and, hopefully, makes me stand out from the rest.