The Medical Technology Group Case Study

PBC work with the Medical Technology Group (MTG) to help shape healthcare policy to ensure patients get access to the latest and most innovative healthcare technology.  The MTG is the UK’s only coalition of patient groups, research charities, and medical device manufacturers that works to ensure equitable access to medical technologies. They work with policy makers and politicians to support patients to get the best possible treatments.

What We Did

PBC led the outreach work of the Group to ensure that they are able to connect with the policy makers that really matter to them. Alongside this, PBC supported the long term future of the group by growing the membership from 9 to 15 industry members.

PBC did this by launching an active and engaging campaign that included high profile activity in Westminster, and media campaigns that helped connect with a national audience.

  • Medical Technology Awareness Week: PB Consulting successfully launched and now oversees the annual Medical Technology Awareness Week. In November 2016 this was a lauded event with key representatives from Trusts, CCGs, NHS England, CRGs, Health & Wellbeing Boards, KOLs, patient groups, and parliamentarians. The event has run for three years in a row and has hosted almost 500 individuals to learn more about the benefits of medical technology.
  • Spotlight Campaigns: PBC had led a number of single issue campaigns to demonstrate the benefits of medical technology. These have included reports on unplanned admissions, waiting times, and the failure of innovation initiatives in the NHS. These campaigns have helped gain traction with policy makers and led to direct calls for NHS practices to change. They have also given the group a media platform from which they connected directly with patients.

What we achieved

In just four years of working with PBC, the MTG has gained a national profile with both policy makers and stakeholders. The group is regularly mentioned in national media where they are often approached for comment on health related issues. By raising the profile of the group the MTG have been able to engage and work with senior Government and NHS officials. Hosting a high profile event in Parliament has enabled the group to make a real impact in Parliament, and gain the support of a large group of MPs.

Media coverage examples:

Barbara Harpham“This is the best agency we have worked with because they get results. Innovative; responsive to client’s needs; listen; efficient; do all this in a very open, logical and pleasant way”.

Barbara Harpham, Medical Technology Group