General Election 2019

Path to Power

This election we at PB will be keeping you informed. From our expert take on the events unfolding through to live updates and even the best gaffes of the campaign trial, we will make sure you’re in the loop about the UK’s Christmas election.

Polling Day

10/12/19 - The Final Push: parties make final bid for power as polling day looms

As election day looms PB round up the final push from the campaign trail.


28/11/19 - Not for Sale? Row over Labour’s ‘NHS for sale’ claim continues

Controversy over private access to the NHS continues to rage on.

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26/11/2019 - Will Boris Johnson deliver 50,000 more NHS nurses?

The Prime Minister’s 50,000 extra nurses promise faces tough scrutiny.

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20/11/19 - The TV Debate

Plenty of punches thrown but no knockout blow landed

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20/11/19 - The best of the rest? Swinson, Sturgeon, Farage and Berry make their case for power

Minor party leaders engage in special one-on-one interviews on ITV

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19/11/19 - Liberal Democrats Set Out Their Health Policy

Liberal Democrats set out their plan for health and social care

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18/11/19 - PM slashes plans for corporation tax cuts

Boris Johnson announces delay to corporation tax cut at CBI conference

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15/11/19 - The Release of NHS Monthly Figures Prompts Debate

Latest performance figures put the Tories in the firing line from both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

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15/11/19 - ABPI Launch Their 2020 Manifesto for Medicine

The Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry launched their 2020 General Election Manifesto, with a focus on improved patient access.

Labour Party

13/11/19 - Labour Announce Their Health Policy

Ahead of their manifesto launch next week, Labour announce a series of spending policies for the NHS

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12/11/19 - Electoral Pacts

Unlikely alliances have been formed – could this prove significant on December 12th?


12/11/19 - The magic money tree has been found

Substantial promises made by all sides as parties commit to huge increase in public spending.

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12/11/19 - Resignations on all sides

Both the main parties have had to deal with high-profile departures at the dawn of their campaigns.


12/11/19 - Health News

The public is slowly and surely being drip-fed Healthcare policies

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The Mother of All Polls: beyond prediction and into influence

Is YouGov’s MRP poll accurate and might it influence the course of this General Election? PB Consulting’s Toby Bevan gives his thoughts in the most anticipated poll of the election so far.

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Health Care Policy Overview

PB’s Managing Director Dan Jones gives his reaction to the major healthcare policies announced this election.

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If 2017 was the overture, 2019 is the crescendo

PB Consulting’s Ben Rowden explains why 2019 is the Brexit election that 2017 never was, and the fallout of it for future wider government policies.

Nhs Winter Crisis 2018 2019

It’s the most critical time of the year: NHS winter pressure and the 2019 General Election

PB Research Executive Alfred Slade gives his take on what impact the seasonal challenges might have on this unusual election.

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Watch out Minister, Why No MPs are Safe this Christmas

PB Consulting’s Toby Bevan gives his thoughts on the unpredictable nature of this years Winter election.