Evidence Reports

Many organisations have a story they want to tell to politicians and policy makers. They all have an individual message. Having a good cause or a story to tell is often not enough, neither is simply having respected advocates. You need clear evidence that supports your case. If you lack strong evidence, decision makers will be persuaded by others.

PB Consulting has unrivalled expertise in bringing together evidence and data from across Whitehall, the NHS and local government that will help prove your case and demonstrate your value.

Tailored approach

Working with you, we can help you tailor your message and use the data already out there. We will produce your 'Evidence Report' for you to use when dealing with Government, MPs, NHS commissioners and decision makers, as well as the media.

Our Evidence Report work covers:

  • Development of Report Structure
  • Evidence Gathering & Analysis
  • Identification of Key Issues in Evidence
  • Design & Print of Report
  • Promotion of Report to Key Stakeholders
  • Media Outreach