Bard Limited - Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee

What was the problem?

The Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee was established to raise awareness of urinary incontinence, an issue which costs the NHS over £434 million each year. PBC worked with Bard Limited, to raise the profile of unplanned admissions in relation to urinary incontinence and raise awareness amongst CCGs and Trusts around the importance of innovative technology in order help reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital, a key priority for the NHS.

Summary of the campaign

PBC worked with Bard Limited to establish the Unplanned Admissions Consensus Committee, a voluntary group of clinicians and patient groups who are dedicated to promoting the issue of urinary incontinence. PBC provides the secretariat function and in this role produced a Best Practice Guide for commissioners, continence leads, and other healthcare professionals. The guide makes recommendations, exhibits case studies, and provides practical advice about how to make changes to improve patient outcomes whilst reducing expenditure. Further activity has involved building the membership of the Committee, creating a website and Twitter page, and coordinating receptions in the Palace of Westminster. PBC has also worked with Bard Limited to produce a tailored Welsh Best Practice Guide and coordinated a launch event at the Welsh Assembly, and has developed a separate tailored Welsh influencing strategy.

What we achieved

The Committee has grown in size, scope, and credibility, and has been able to secure high level meetings with senior NHS managers, government officials, and wider stakeholders. The work of the Committee featured in the NHS Clinical Commissioners (the representative body for CCGs) newsletter. The campaign has had a direct business impact for the client.